Indiana Youth

The Indiana Youth Department is grounded in apostolic doctrine, committed to our apostolic identity, and created with the purpose of touching the lives of young people in the state of Indiana and throughout the world.



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Campus Ministry International (CMI) was formed to enable and encourage local churches to effectively reach out to the college and university populations in their vicinities with the gospel of Jesus Christ. 


Project 7 (P7) is a resource for students to start Bible Clubs at their High Schools and Middle Schools. These student-led P7 Clubs are an opportunity for students to participate in a spiritually-inspired community serving project in their school. 


Hyphen is the young adult ministry of the General Youth Division, for ages 18-30 who are graduated from high school and single. It connects young adults to service with purpose—through resources—for a mission! 


Sheaves for Christ is the fundraising ministry of the General Youth Division of the United Pentecostal Church International. Since its inception in 1952, over $112.5 million has been raised to fund missions and ministries around the world. 


Senior Bible Quizzing offers two levels of quizzing. The Intermediate Division is open to 12-14 year olds and the Experienced Division involves 12-18 year olds. Competitions are held on the district and national level.


Leadership Team


Chris Barber

Ryan Petersen
Sectional Leaders
Section 1 Mark Smith
Section 2 Austin Gilliland
Section 3 Brandon Newcomer
Section 4 Tommy Bell
Section 5 Chris Henderson
Section 6 Jonathan Bailey
Section 7 Michael Nowling
Section 8 Bryan Dooley
Hyphen Joe Thomas
Spanish Jonathan Gracia
Senior Bible Quizzing Krista Barley

Senior Camp

June 10–14, 2019
Speakers: Josh Carson, Jerry West

Junior Camp

June 17–21, 2019
Speakers: Chantry Dean, LJ Harry



For SFC Offerings and Applications:
8451 North Fox Hollow
Bloomington, IN 47408 
For SFC Offerings and Applications:
8451 North Fox Hollow | Bloomington, IN 47408