These resources are Indiana specific. For some programs, we have included a link to the national website, but we hope to connect with you through our Indiana contact as well!


Youth Pastor Slack

We communicate with all youth pastors via an app called slack. Click the link to join the conversation between all IN youth pastors and the youth committee.

Real McCoy

Real McCoys we have a slack channel for you! If you are not connected, talk to your youth pastor and have them get the link from your sectional director so that you can stay updated on all the Real McCoy events in Indiana.

YouTube Channel

Periodically we host and record zoom calls for Indiana Youth and youth workers. Check out our YouTube archives for these talks as well as past services from Indiana Youth events.


Youth workers, here is a link to all of our graphics used on social media in case you want to post them on your youth accounts.

Start a P7

Click here for all information regarding P7. Also, youth pastors please reach out to your sectional director for any questions on how to help students start a P7.

AYC Missions Trip Application and Scholarship

If you are interested in going on an AYC trip, click the link below.

Start a Bible Quizzing Team

If you want to start a Bible Quizzing team, get in contact with Krista Barley at
You can also visit this link for more info!

Start a Campus Ministry

If you want to start a Campus Ministry click this link! Or reach out to Riley Martin at


Bible College Scholarship Application

Upon Completion send this form to Austin Gilliland at the address represented. 



Project 7 (P7) is a resource for students to start Bible Clubs at their High Schools and Middle Schools. These student-led P7 Clubs are an opportunity for students to participate in a spiritually-inspired community serving project in their school.






Move the Mission (formerly Sheaves for Christ) is the fundraising ministry of the UPCI Youth Ministries. Since its inception in 1952, over $134 million has been raised to fund missions and ministries around the world. 


Real McCoy Contest

Real McCoy is a Move the Mission fundraising contest. Students are challenged to get involved in this exciting contest by living sacrificially to become a generation of givers. Winners from each district across North America will be flown in to the UPCI World Headquarters in St. Louis, MO, for an exclusive weekend with the executives of the UPCI Youth Ministries.







Bible Quizzing is a leadership development ministry of UPCI Youth Ministries for youth 12-18 years old based on the memorization and application of the Word of God. Find information, scheduling, and resources to help launch, grow, and promote Bible Quizzing in your church.






Campus Ministry International (CMI) was formed to enable and encourage local churches to effectively reach out to the college and university populations in their vicinities with the gospel of Jesus Christ. 









Hyphen is a network of young adults ages 18-30 equipped and empowered to be the church. The vision of this ministry is to release young adults to daily impact their church and community.  


The Commune-ity is a youth pastors/workers resource that includes bible study lessons, games, breakouts, conversations, and more!